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Steel Shears with Brokk 330

Used to demolish steel structures quickly and efficiently - capable of cutting any kind of steel, from reinforcing bars to steel-beams and conduit pipework. Typically deployed for industrial demolition of steel structures like buildings, tanks and in scrapyards, where they are usefully employed for secondary breaking and recycling

Remote operation, in conjunction with Atlas Copco Shears enables the safe, selective deconstruction of pipework, reinforcement and a maze of assorted metalwork and cabling without the need for cumbersome scaffolding towers

By example here, one of GNAT UK's Brokk 330's with Atlas Copco SC600 Steel Shears makes short work of a high level spaghetti junction of industrial steel and pipework.

Check our Steel Shears specs below for info on compatibility between machine, shear heads and project task



Model Weight Cutting force Rotation Jaw opening Suitable for
SE270 385 kg/850 lb 1016kN 360° 185 mm Brokk 180, 330D,400, 800
SC600 645 kg/1420 lb 1375kN 360° 245 mm Brokk 180, 330D,400, 800
HCSS 55 kg/121lb 169 kN 360° 330mm Brokk 50, 90
HCS7 123 kg/271lb 312 kN 360° 300mm Brokk 90, 180



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