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Old Gas Works, Bolton

This technically complex project required the services of both our Robotic Demolition and Diamond Sawing Teams

It involved the cutting and removal of numerous sections of heavily reinforced concrete slabs from within the Old Gas Works building in Bolton Lancashire.

Gnat's Brokk 280 and Brokk 330 machines fitted with Atlas-Copco Breakers and Crushers Percussively Broke and Crunched the heavy reinforced concrete slabs.

Once the apertures had been made and the concrete removed, Gnat's Hilti Track Saws made good the apertures - cutting cleanly and accurately through the concrete and the steel reinforcement.

The openings were 22.00 metres long, 6.00 metres wide and the slabs a full 780mm thick in places.

It is worth noting that these slabs were Double the thickness of the upper slabs, which were removed by a previous contractors, who took over Fourteen days to remove them using Diesel Excavators!

Gnat's timescale for the completion of this phase was a mere Seven days - including the Saw Cutting...

Put simply- Gnat completed three times the volume of work done by the previous contractor in less than half the time!

Compelling evidence of the effectiveness of our technology compared to the traditional use of Diesel excavators!

The images here illustrate the method - Note- Hilti Safety Guard removed for photograph!



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