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Kiln De-Bricking Utilising Remote Manipulator System

GNAT UK was tasked to devise an alternative solution to Remotely Wreck and Remove the Refractory Lining from within a very large vessel, the sheer size of which presented Critical Access and Safety Issues which precluded the use of traditional - and time consuming - manual methods.

Our engineers devised an innovative design and build solution, involving the adaption of a Conventional Mast Climber to accommodate a Remotely Operated Manipulator System.

The adaptions allowed a fully articulated Hydraulic Arm to be lowered into the vessel to systematically Deconstruct the Vessel Lining of the Roof Sections, Walls and Base from Within.

Gnat's solution enabled Efficient, Quick and Cost Effective De-Bricking as well as demonstrating Clear Safety Advantages compared to Conventional De-bricking Methods.


The animated video on this page illustrates our Solution!



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