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Diesel Do Nicely

The bulk of our Robotic Demolition Fleet has traditionally comprised 3-Phase Electric BROKK and Husqvarna Robots.

However, there are some occasions where site restrictions or power outages necessitate Diesel Power.

To cater for this we can deploy our mighty BROKK 800 Diesel-powered Robots fill are on hand to fill this gap admirably! 

Weighing a hefty 11 tons with an arm system with a full reach of 10 meters,  equipped with the MB 1200 breaker it delivers more hitting power than any other remote-controlled demolition robot.

Our Diesel BROKK 800 is seen here tackling formidable reinforced concrete foundations with true contempt during a recent factory refurbishment!

So, if ever you find you need the power of a BROKK, but the electric meter's run out...

Treat yourself to one of our BROKK 800 DIESELS!

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