Hydroblasting Rebates

in a Factory Floor

Hydroblasting Rebates

in a Factory Floor

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Hydroblasting Rebates in a Factory Floor

This project demanded the accurate cutting and chasing in of a series of 2500 metre long by 100mm wide x 50mm deep Rebates into an existing Factory Floor

Gnat was called in after a previous contractor unsuccessfully attempted to tackle the problem using Percussive Breakers... resulting in broken uneven edges which were unfit for purpose.

Gnat's solution involved Floor Sawing two parallel cuts 100mm wide to a depth of 50mm deep - This gave a clean working edge for the subsequent rebating/chasing out, which was achieved using a calibrated hydrodemolition head mounted on one of our small Aquajet Robots

The video here demonstrates the superior finish achieved with our Wire Sawn and Hydroblasting procedure compared to the unsatisfactory results obtained previously using Percussive methods.

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