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Diamond Drilling and Sawing

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Diamond Drilling and Sawing

Gnat UK's Expert Teams deploy the latest advances in Diamond Drilling and Cold Cutting Techniques to achieve Safe, Accurate, Cost-Effective Concrete Cutting and Removal Services
Diamond Drilling is an Ideal Preparation Process for Construction Work including Mechanical and Electrical Services, Phone Cabling, Heating and Pipework Conduits, Sewage and Ventilation Shafts

Diamond Drilling and Cold Cutting Techniques - The Advantages:

  • Cuts Holes Quickly and accurately, from 6 to 1000mm diameter, to various depths
  • Operates in Horizontal, Vertical and Inverted Planes and in Confined Spaces
  • Water feed during Drilling Operations ensures a Clean, Dust-free Environment
  • A range of Task-Specific Techniques can be deployed, dependent on the nature of the Project and the prevailing Site Conditions
  • Precise, Accurate Cuts can be made
  • Reinforcement Bars are cut cleanly at source
  • The Process ensures Minimal Disruption to surrounding structures and Minimal making good

*Click Here to view Diamond Drilling CASE STUDIES

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