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Welcome to GNAT UK Cold Cutting Division.
The Cold Cutting Process has been around for some forty years.

This innovative procedure was developed in the USA to provide Demolition and Decommissioning Companies with a safer method to perform entry cutting, tank & pipe cutting and structural demolition on offshore oil & gas rigs and mainland petrochemical sites.

Initially, the process adopted the existing high-pressure equipment used for HPI jetting works in the same industries. The manipulators were basic line cutting versions, producing rough, imprecise cuts. However, it worked well enough to improve on Safety Levels compared to previous methods.
Moving on Ten years, clients were predominantly Multi-National Oil companies such as BP & Shell. Cutting requirements and tolerances were becoming much more technical and complex. Offshore Operations, initially in the Gulf of Mexico, were further deployed to the North Sea and the Middle and Far East markets.

The American companies who had cornered this fledgeling growing market took advantage of the spark-free procedure which minimised the risk of accidental explosions and fires.
However, the clients were becoming concerned about the safety of the equipment and manipulators. No known explosive incidents had occurred in these early days, however, in response to reservations about the safety of this new procedure, cold-cutting companies began to invest and research into ways of refining the delivery of the high-pressure water.

A pivotal innovation involved the introduction of fine garnet into the cutting process. This enabled pressures to be lowered whilst delivering the final cut to the surface. The Garnet, along with significant engineering improvements to the manipulators, delivered a safer more flexible system, with the capabilities of performing ever more technical cuts.  

Since then, Cold Cutting has become the go-to method around the world..
As with all state-of-the-art technology, the process is constantly refined and upgraded to comply with International Safety Standards. Equally, Operations within the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries require constant adaptation to tackle increasingly complex and demanding site procedures, both on and offshore.

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