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Concrete Crunching

Put simply, Concrete Crunching involves the use of powerful hydraulic breakers to selectively reduce reinforced concrete to rubble.

Crunching is a much favoured technique in situations where the noise and vibration associated with percussive breaking could prove detrimental to the immediate surroundings and adjacent structures.

The breaker jaws are positioned at the leading edge of the concrete structure and then hydraulic power applied, forcing the jaws to close and crush the concrete.

Being a non percussive procedure, there is little risk of damage to adjacent structures and its quiet operation minimises disruption.

Gnat’s Brokk and Husqvarna robots fitted with Atlas Copco concrete crushers enable a virtually emission-free working environment. Noise levels, vibration and dust levels are kept to a minimum whilst remote operation enables increased operator safety and elimination of risk of Vibration White Finger (HAV Syndrome)


Above: One of GnatUK's Brokks, with Atlas Copco Shears, selectively removing the outer perimeter walls of an NHS Hospital