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Case Study - Husqvarna Top Down Demolition

Our Latest Husqvarna Robotics doing what they do best!

We have recently added Three Husqvarna Remote Control Demolition machines to our fleet- Two Husqvarna 250's and the compact Husqvarna 140.

These fantastic machines are proving to be sterling workhorses and our clients are making the most of their phenomenal power to weight ratios and their ability to remotely access the most difficult of confined spaces.

This particular project involved a top down demolition sequencing on a Multi-Storey Block in Wakefield.

Our Husqvarna 250's and 140 worked together with percussive peckers and concrete crunchers to selectively remove the reinforced concrete walls and floors. The resulting rubble was cleared from the working areas by compact, maneuverable Bobcats.

We are particularly impressed with the efficiency of the Husqvarna machines and are confident they will prove to be much sought after addition to our Fleet, with uses across a broad range of specialist remote demolition projects.

View of the top-down demolition multi-storey block in Wakefield