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NALTA Hydrodemolition System

In addition to large scale Robotic Hydroblasting, Gnat UK's Hydrodemolition operations also include the use of NALTA Systems which have been designed to replace hand lances for a large number of hydrodemolition applications, increasing productivity and improving safety for operators.

The video below shows a typical deployment, to surface prep an existing wall for subsequent consolidation:

The Nalta is remote operated with greater output than a hand lance would produce, thus eliminating any exposure to the operator.

The working parameters can be set via the clever remote control panel and the operation is automatic, this proved invaluable on the bridge pier column and the top of the plinth on a petrochemical plant where conventional methods prohibited removal of the concrete for repair.

The 101 Nalta is supplied with high pressure water from a standard hand lance pump and can operate on flat as well as curved surfaces with a radius as small as 400mm.

It consists of a feed beam with an oscillating lance, hydraulic unit and a radio remote control box. The Nalta is mainly used for the hydrodemolition of concrete, but is also suitable for other applications, such as surface preparation and descaling of steel


  • Underwater operation

  • Operation on curved pillars down to a radius of 400mm

  • The feed beam can be extended to 3m using extra sections

  • The robot can climb on standard scaffolding pipes

  • A trolley makes the Nalta’s hydraulic unit easy to transport

  • Highly versatile

  • Can access areas unavailable to other hydrodemolition robots due to its minute size

Above: NALTA Rig deployed to remove defective concrete from a Bridge Pier Column