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Hydro Demolition Specialists

Gnat UK delivers a fully co-ordinated Hydro-Demolition Service, Nationwide.
Our Hydrodemolition Robotic Machines are suitable for all operations such as horizontal, vertical and on over-head situations due to the flexibility of the robot boom system. This also allows for operations in confined areas without limitations due to the compact and freely manoeuvrable design

Technical Advantages

  • Hydrodemolition uses high-pressure water jets to efficiently remove concrete without damage to surrounding structures and the embedded steel reinforcement bars.
  • The water penetrates the pores and cracks of the concrete and builds up an internal pressure.  When this pressure exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete, the concrete breaks. 
  • When the water pressure inside the voids overcomes the pressure of the concrete a "blast" occurs, removing damaged or poor quality concrete from sensitive structures such as bridges, dam walls, tunnels, docks, harbours, multi-storey car parking decks and runways.
  • Does not cause micro or macro cracks in the structure
  • Does not damage reinforcing steel or loosening within the structure
  • Rebars are cleaned by the force of the water
  • Creates  a superior bonding surface for new concrete
  • Allows accurate, elective removal, removing bad and leaving good concrete down to a predetermined depth

Why choose Hydro Demolition?

  • Hydro Demolition is arguably the safest, most effective, vibration free method to selectively remove reinforced concrete on Bridge Decks and Road surfaces and Runways
  • The surrounding material suffers no cracking and the reinforcing steel within the concrete core can be retained undamaged by the process

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Perfect solution for safe, large scale removal of reinforced concrete